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Galloping Groomer was the first mobile pet groomer in York, PA; established by Freddy Bergdoll Roberts back in the 80's and has continued to offer service "At Your Place". It is great for pet owners who have mobility problems and those who want the convenience of not having to transport their pet to our salon. It, of course, is a one-on-one experience with the groomer and your best friend. It's also great with pets (or owners) who have separation anxiety since the salon has your pet for several hours; a day at the Spa. Most grooms are completed usually between 60-90 minutes per pet.

When we schedule a van appointment with you, please have it on a day you do not have other appointments scheduled since the schedule time given is an APPROXIMATION ONLY. Mobile grooming appointment times are not an exact science because the pets before you on the schedule may end up being easier or more difficult than we anticipate. We also must deal with traffic situations, weather, etc.. If we are running more than an hour behind schedule, we will give you a "heads up" courtesy call.

Our new van has a generator on board to produce our electric power and to heat the bath water. We are totally self contained so no 'plug-in' to your house electrical system is needed. Unfortunately the generator operates on gasoline so this is why the van costs more than you dropping your pet off at our salon: $25 per pet.