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Q: Can you over bathe a dog?
A: No. Some people bathe their dogs weekly because of allergies and various other reasons. The only thing that must be considered is drying of the skin from bathing often. This can be remedied by using an Oatmeal shampoo which adds moisture to the skin just as body crèmes do for us.
Q: How often should I get my dog groomed?
A: Generally speaking, most breeds should be groomed at least every four to eight weeks for optimum health. Even if your pet is not ready for a total haircut, a bath and trim can be done every other "full" groom. This also gives the groomer an opportunity to spot any possible health issues to bring to your attention.
Q: Is it a bad idea to have a dogs coat cleaned in the winter?
A: No. By keeping an animals coat clean it reduces the amount of oils in thier coat provideing more room for air to flow creating a type of insulation.