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The Galloping Groomer has been grooming all breeds of dogs for over a quarter century. We do standard cuts and trims for each breed and also do custom cuts as long as the requests are within safety perameters, Mohawks are getting more and more popular. Dogs that are matted and cannot be painlessly dematted, must be shaved down. As one of the groomers says, "I am a pet groomer, not a pet torturer." We do not allow ANY pet to go through a painful experience to get a haircut; if they are matted, it's generally not their fault and they can't dial our phone number to make an appointment for themselves. Most breeds of dogs should be groomed every four to twelve weeks to be in optimum health. Forget the old wives tale saying a pet should not be bathed in cooler months; "they can get a cold". Not true. Fur is like the pets personal insulation. Left unbathed allows the natural oils of the coat to compact the fur, losing the insulation effect. Clean fluff fur traps air, much like the insulation in our homes, and keeps them warmer. Dogs also do not like ambient room temperatures that most humans like; ever notice your dog panting in the living room with the air conditioner on?