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We are one of the few who still groom cats; sometimes I'm not sure if we are determined or crazy. If your cat is matted, chances are they will need shaved. Sometimes some matts will 'pop out' but most are too tight against the skin and cannot be removed painlessly and must be shaved. We do not allow ANY pet to go through a painful dematt and there is really no dematting cat hair because it is very fine. If your cat shows signs of stress, they are groomed in a separate area, away from the croud in our facility called the "Catery". If it is their first visit and show extreme stress or aggression, we stop and call the parent to pick up and reschedule after visiting their vet and get tranquilizer. The tranq vets give for most cats for grooming does not knock them out; it just relaxes them and they don't care as much what you are trying to accomplish in the groom process. We do baths, nails, ear cleaning, B+B's (butt and belly shaves), and total shave downs including same length all over or the lion cut. All cats get a hygene cut.