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We are the oldest groom business in York County operating since 1984 & we have 5 groomers to serve you.

We do keep your pets longer than other shops because we do NOT kennel dry on hot because it causes dehydration and stress ( which we try to minimize ). We have your pet longer but hopefully you get them back in better condition.

Our new van has a generator on board to produce our electric power and to heat the bath water. We are totally self contained so no 'plug-in' to your house is needed. Unfortunately the generator operates on gasoline so this is why the van costs much more than you dropping your pet off at our salon.

Some of the mobile service advantages are no drop off and pick up for owner to do, one on one experience with your pet, no separation anxiety for pet or owner, no car sickness, no exposure to other pets. Van customers must be flexible and schedule an appointment when they are going to be home most of the day because we never know what condition a pet done before you will be in and the amount of time required to complete the groom.

In the van most pets are done in 60 - 90 minutes but those in bad shape or large dogs may take longer. Other time variables include weather and traffic. Not an exact science by any means regarding appointment times. The van service to come to you is an additional charge of $25.00 per pet over shop prices for your breed cat or dog.

Our van sets appointments Mon - Sat with first appointment approximately 8:30 a.m. and last approximately 3:30 p.m.